Merrion Square Trip! πŸš‚

The Senior Infants had an amazing day in Merrion Square for the Literature Festival! They met the author of the Horrid Henry books Francesca Simon’s and got to listen to her read her new book β€˜The Terrible Vikings’. They also had great fun playing in the playground afterwards along with a picnic 🧺


Nurse Ellen Visit! πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ

Today Senior Infants got a surprise visit from Nurse Ellen! She heard about how the children were learning all about the hospital in their play groups and decided to pay a visit to them play in role as doctors, nurses, surgeons, radiographers and patients in the hospitalπŸ₯ She explained her role of a nurse in Temple Street hospital and all the work that she does with babies. The children had great fun learning about her job, some even saying that they would like to be nurses when they are older!


Library Visit! πŸ“–

Today, Senior Infants were thrilled to be invited to the library to be read some stories from the wonderful author Muireann NΓ­ ChΓ­obhΓ‘in. The author read two of her children’s books to the class followed by an art activity. The class got to create their own paper sheep puppets from one of the stories! πŸ‘


A Wriggly Nativity

Below is the links to the songs that the children will be performing for their Christmas play this year. You can practice them at home too!

A Wriggly Nativity

Donkey Plodding

Twinkling Stars

Knock on Another Door

Skip, Skip, Skippity Hop

Bumping up and down on a Camel


Dancing About In The Straw

Rockabye Jesus


Autumn Data! πŸ“Š

Last week, Senior Infants were learning about data which we know is about collecting information! As we are in a new season, we thought it would be fun to collect some information about the autumnal objects that can be found around the school! πŸ‚ The class explored the grounds of the school along with Ms Ince and recorded the amount of autumn objects they found into their books. They were very observant and found lots of different items! The class then returned to the classroom and began recording their data on bar charts πŸ“Š